Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cafe Rio

Cafe Rio Burritos

6-10 lb Pork or chicken
1 8oz yellow Elpato Sauce
1 8oz Green Elpato Sauce
3-4 small cans tomato sauce
3/4 clove garlic
1 1/2 cup brown sugar

Cook in crockpot for at least 4 hrs. The longer it cooks the better it tastes. Shred meat and put back in crockpot until ready to serve.

1 bunch cilantro
Tbl salsa
2 cloves garlic
juice from 1 lime
1 bottle of buttermilk ranch

Dice cilantro, (I don't use all of it, we don't like that much that cilantro) and garlic. Mix the cilantro and garlic in bowl with buttermilk ranch, lime juice and salsa. Stir. Put in serving dish or some of mixture back in the bottle.

3 cups rice cooked in 6 cups chicken broth instead of water, with 3Tbl of lime juice.

Prepare above ingredients. Serve with tortillas shells, black beans, cheese and whatever you like on your burrito!

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