Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Bugs

Love Bug Day!

I found this idea on the Hungry Happenings website. Her's are more beautiful then mine and she has much better detailed instructions. I used what I had. I am to cheap to buy the chocolate suggested and used what I had. The almond bark, I had on hand worked great, and it is just store brand white chocolate. It takes a little longer to set up then the molding chocolate, but I had a baby to feed and another child to take care of so, I couldn't have made them any faster anyways. I ended up not using the feet template because I don't have a printer, but I think they still turned out overall very cute. I also made the eyes instead of buying them. When I make these again I will make my eyes together like the Love bug pictured above. Go to her website for better instructions. One thing I did fined out that worked well, is that I had the feet ready on the wax paper to set the ball onto after I dipped it in chocolate. they stuck well, without having to do any extra work to get them on there! These were a lot of fun, and the even better thing is that they tasted great. My little girl had lots of fun making the cake balls with me, and eating lots of chocolate when I wasn't looking.

I found the yarn love bugs at this website, which we made with a bunch of kids for a moms group with the chocolate love bugs as treats. It worked out well!


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